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WALA "Western Amateur Radio Linking Association" is a World Wide Repeater System.

MCARG / N6SPD  is a WALA Affiliated Repeater System.


WALA Guidelines

IRLP Western Reflector 9350 Status

Accessing the WALA / N6SPD network

Search for an IRLP node in your area

Contacting a Control Operator


Please join us for our weekly net on Mondays at 19:30 hrs (7:30 pm California Time)


Welcome to the Western Amateur Radio Linking Association, aka WALA.

The WALA system consist of many repeaters linked together via IRLP "The Internet Radio Linking Project".

We accomplish this magic by linking repeaters via the internet to a central Hub we call the LAX Reflector .

The LAX Reflector gets its name for its location close by the Los Angeles Airport.

Each Reflector has 10 channels, 0-9, we use channel 0 on reflector 935.

That's why we call it the 9350 reflector. 

The other 9 channels are assigned by the reflector owner N6RBR.

The WALA system is not only a California State Wide System.

It covers many states and is linked to many Countries World Wide.

You can see who is connected to the LAX hub by clicking on this link : IRLP Western Reflector 9350

Please review the WALA Guidelines before using the system.

Welcome to WALA !

Please email me with your questions Sal, N6SPD

WALA Control Operator, Monterey Bay


How IRLP Works


How IRLP Reflectors Work


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