MCARG: Monterey County Amateur Radio Group

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Accessing the WALA / N6SPD network

You can access the WALA / N6SPD network via our North HUB or direct to the WALA Reflector.


World Wide WALA Reflector 9350

North California HUB via Echolink 202044

North California HUB via Allstar 28365

N6SPD Repeater 444.600 + 123.0 San Francisco Bay area to Monterey Bay area and County

N6SPD Repeater 443.900 + 123.0 North Monterey County

WA6LA Repeater 145.380 - 100.0 LAX Los Angeles

WA6LA Repeater 223.780 - 100.0 LAX Los Angeles


Please email me with your questions Sal, N6SPD

WALA Control Operator, Monterey


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