MCARG: Monterey County Amateur Radio Group


Monterey County Amateur Radio Group


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Echolink & IRLP System

Echolink Node # 202044

IRLP Node # 3123


Do to the nature of our large 5-County wide link system, all outgoing calls must be initiated by a control operator.

To make an outgoing call, please call for a control operator to bring up the node.


NO !!!, Standard Echolink and IRLP Codes DO NOT WORK on this repeater system.

With Echolink & IRLP use the first thing we must all remember is to leave a
gap between transmissions. Having said that this is a good time to list
the three main rules when connected to an Echolink or IRLP system:

1. Pause
2. Pause
3. Pause

Due to the slight increase in delays created by multiple Tone Squelch
radios in the links between the repeater's and link radio's, a slight
change in our normal operating procedures is required with Echolink & IRLP.

By leaving a pause between transmissions it.....

Allows Repeaters to reset.
Allows users on other nodes a chance to check in.
Allows other nodes time to send touch-tone commands to drop their node.

The most important guideline to remember is leaving a 1 second pause after
pressing the PTT button as well as a 3 second pause between transmissions.



Sal, N6SPD