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Lon N6RBR, with his grandsons Isaac KI6FXM and Justin KI6FTP


Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2235 for Friday August 28 2020

Amateur Radio Newsline Report Number 2235 with a release date of Friday August 28 2020 to follow in 5-4-3-2-1.

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NEIL/ANCHOR: Finally, we all know it's hard to say "73" for the final time when a friend becomes a Silent Key. But hosting a memorial net, as one group did recently in California, surely helps -- as Ralph Squillace KK2ITB tells us.


RALPH: The August 24th net on the Western Amateur Linking Association's repeater system was a gathering of grieving friends and family who shared stories and comforted one another following the loss of one of their own: Lonnie Bland N6RBR, who became a Silent Key on Wednesday, August 19th.


Described by many as a ham radio ambassador, Lonnie was celebrated with tears as well as tales, as one of the founders of California's far-reaching repeater system. It was his dream to grow the system from three linked repeaters to a network that now stretches up and down the coast with worldwide links through IRLP, Allstar and EchoLink. One of the first to check into the net was his wife, Graffie KC6ADB, clearly emotional over the tribute to the generous, friendly radio operator who had helped many newcomers discover their amateur radio voice. Net control operators included Jeff W6JSO and Lonnie's grandsons Isaac KI6FXM and Justin KI6FTP.


Throughout the one-hour-and-forty-minute net, many hams addressed him directly. One ham, checking in from South Africa, said [quote]: "You are a Silent Key on Earth but your voice will never be silent in Heaven." [end quote]


Sal De Franco N6SPD, who manages the WALA system's north hub, added: "November Six Radio Best Radio, 73 my friend."


Lonnie Bland was 88.

For Amateur Radio Newsline I'm Ralph Squillace KK6ITB.




Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2235 for Friday August 28 2020 edited audio report of Lon's Memorial Click here to listen.



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